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Maison & Prestige add a touch of class

Alligator and Ostrich watch straps

As our range of RIOS1931 watch straps grows, we look to add value to the collection for you in different areas. With these additions, we have added a touch of class from the Maison and Prestige models which are made from top quality exotic hides. Both styles are handmade in German using traditional watch strap making techniques which includes a Saddler's Seam, a speciality of RIOS1931.

Ostrich watch strap by Rios1931

RIOS1931 Maison Ostrich Watch Strap

When fitted to the right watch, an Ostrich strap will add a classic yet prestigious feel whilst being supple from the beginning. We paired this RIOS1931 Maison with our trusty Omega Speedmaster and the results speak for themselves. The random spots on the Ostrich hide give each length of strap a completely unique look and feel which will elevate the look of your watch.

With a soft leather lining, modest padding and high quality saddler's seam stitch, the finish of the 'art manuel' watch straps by RIOS1931 are testament to their commitment to traditionally crafted watch straps.

Small scale alligator watch straps by Rios1931

RIOS1931 Prestige Alligator Watch Strap

The second of our new additions is the Prestige which is a small, rounded scale Alligator watch strap that comes in a good selection of colours. In order for the small rounded scale pattern to be achieved, the strap must be expertly cut out from the Alligator hide. What pattern is produced is all down to where the cut is taken from which for this pattern is around the belly of the hide. The result is a neat looking watch strap which can be worn both formally or more casually.

Small scale alligator watch strap in light brown


Sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond the finished product you have in your hand or on your wrist but the transparency that RIOS1931 provide does help to see the path from source to finished watch strap. When you buy a RIOS1931 watch strap, you can rest assured that species conservation is considered thanks to their high level of compliance with associated governing bodies.

Sustainability is at the heart of the process when RIOS1931 look for ethical sources for their raw material and that is apparent in both the strap material and everything else needed to complete a watch strap. The finished watch strap is a quality item that will last a long time thanks to the time and care taken to manufacture it. Every step is considered from the glue to the stainless steel hardware.

Dark green ostrich watch strap and silver buckle

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