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Two Alligator Embossed watch straps by RIOS1931

Two Alligator Embossed watch straps by RIOS1931

It is quite well known within the watch strap world that RIOS1931 have some of the most authentic looking embossed watch straps. These two new models which form part of their core offering are no exception. The Louisiana and New Orleans are both moderately padded watch straps with painted edges that are made up using RIOS1931's uniquely alligator embossed genuine calfskin leather. 

Rios1931 Louisiana with Seiko dive watch

The only difference you will have noticed between the two styles is the stitching. New Orleans has a contrasting, slightly off white stitch colour, whilst the Louisiana is given a subtle, tonal stitch colour. Although both styles are the same in terms of their make up, the contrast in the stitch colour makes them look completely different when paired with the same watch.

Rios1931 New Orleans watch straps in different colours

As we know, a strap with white stitching will achieve a sporty feel to the watch and strap combination whilst a tonal stitch colour is more classic looking. As it stands, we have 4 colours from each range in stock as pictured here, Black, Mocha, Cognac and Navy. More colours and size options will follow in time since both models have a large offering.

Cognac Rios1931 New Orleans and Seiko dive watch on the wrist

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