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Double Yarn Perlon Watch Straps make their way to WatchObsession

Double Yarn Perlon Watch Straps make their way to WatchObsession

The Perlon watch strap has been around a while but only fairly recently has it become a popular choice for your average watch nut. They make for a fantastic summer strap thanks to how lightweight and breathable they are. Another reason they are loved is down to how adjustable they are and that is mostly thanks to the design of the buckle which will allow the strap to feed through it. In just a short amount of time, you can have the buckle sat exactly where you want it with as much or as little excess strap showing as you see fit.

Double Yarn Perlon watch strap in Black on Oris 65 Diver

Our collection of Perlon watch straps has been part of our offering for some time with very few adjustments to the range until recently where we introduced a small run of Melange Perlon straps. Melange Perlon's blend two colours within the weave to create a really desirable two-tone look. Even more recently, we added the rather interesting Double Yarn Perlon which is a welcomed addition to the collection.

Oris 65 Diver during a strap change to a Double Yarn Perlon Strap

You may have noticed that our Double Yarn Perlon's are running a new and improved brushed buckle. We are working on making this type of buckle available separately so you can upgrade your existing Perlon straps. Our Double Yarn Perlon's are currently only available in 20mm across three of our most popular colours but we hope to add more colours and sizes very soon.

Let us know what colours and sizes you would like to see.

Double Yarn Perlon watch strap in Grey with brushed buckle

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