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Perlon Strap Fitting Guide

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We have put together a basic Perlon Strap fitting guide for you to refer to when fitting your strap. The guide will demonstrate how best to fit your Perlon including adjusting the length so that it sits perfectly on your wrist.

Firstly, you will need the following:

Once you have everything you need, you can begin by removing the Watches existing Strap or Bracelet. This is achieved by using the forked end of your Spring Bar Tool to locate the spring bar that holds the strap or bracelet in place. Once located, you will be able to compress the spring bar inwards thus releasing the spring bar from the holes in the lugs.

Once one side has been released from the lug hole then pulling the strap away from the watch will release from between the lugs. Some bracelets, like the one pictured above, may require you to release the spring bar from both ends of it before you are able to pull the bracelet away from the watch.

Once you have removed the existing bracelet or strap, you will now be free to install a spring bar. For this watch we used 1.8mm thick spring bars but they are available in different thicknesses. To fit the spring bar, simply locate one side of the spring bar in to a lug hole then using the spring bar tool, compress the spring bar in to allow it to fit between the gap. Once the spring bar is compressed, you will be able to locate it in to the hole on the other lug. Repeat this process for both sides of the watch.

What you are left with is a watch with bare spring bars which create a slot for you to feed the strap through.

If you are wanting to adjust the length of the Perlon strap, it is best to do it before fitting it to the watch.

Begin by carefully slide the keeper (loop) off the strap. Then you will need to pull both the long and short lengths of the strap out from the lower part of the buckle that they have been fed through. This should leave you with the position shown below.

From this position you can determine how much of the strap will be fed through the buckle. Getting the perfect length may require some trial an error. You can put the strap on to your wrist without the watch fitted to accurately determine how much length you want to feed through the buckle. When doing this, please allow for the loss of some length of the strap due to it being fed through the watch lugs.

This feature makes the Perlon straps fully adjustable. We found that the position shown above was the easiest because there is just one fold to deal with. 

Adjusting the length is easy. To make the strap shorter for thinner wrists, just feed the longer length of strap through the buckle and pull the shorter length through the buckle. This will leave the longer length of strap however short you desire. The main reason for this adjustment is to make the strap even more comfortable.

When adjusting the length, it is a good idea to pull the strap tight through the buckle tightly and evenly across. Pulling the strap evenly prevents the length of strap that is underneath the other to remain hidden. If the strap is pulled through unevenly, you will be able to see some of the strap poking out of the side of the strap.

As you can see above, this is how an evenly pulled Perlon will look.

Fitting the Perlon to your watch is so simple. Take the Perlon and with the tail end of the strap feed it through the 12 o'clock lugs. You will need to feed the strap between the case of the strap and the spring bar.

Once you have pulled the majority of the strap through the gap, you can now begin to feed it through the gap between the case and spring bar at the 6 o'clock lugs. Once fed through the gap, pull the strap all the way through until it is tight against the casebook of the watch.

Pictured above is how a neatly fitted person strap will look. Be sure to feed the Perlon strap through evenly and you will be on to a winner. These straps look great and are incredibly comfortable.

That concludes the guide. Thanks for reading, should you have any questions regarding the Perlon or how to fit it then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Perlon straps come with a stronger buckle than what you will commonly find on most Perlons available today. We have tested them along with the weaker buckles and found that our buckles are much stronger. The thinner ones can be bent by hand where as ours can not.

When we initially released our Perlon Straps on our website, they came with the thinner buckles. If you have purchased a Perlon with the thinner buckle from us, you are more than welcome to contact us and we can send you the thicker better quality buckle.