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Colourful updates come to the Hirsch Duke

hirsch duke

We know the Hirsch Duke very well, it was one of the very first Hirsch models that we set eyes on when we became stockists of the Hirsch brand over ten years ago. There are only a few watch straps that have stayed in the Hirsch line up as long as this and it is a testament to how good the strap is. It helps that it comes in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and attachments.

hirsch duke

How does a model survive that long? Well, it is mainly down to it being a well priced, top quality, timeless looking watch strap. It is also tastefully padded across the size run with tonal stitching and a strong core selection of colours. The Hirsch Duke is the mainstay every watch strap manufacturer needs. However, the Hirsch Duke you see today has undergone a lot of changes from its humble beginnings thanks to advancements in manufacturing techniques across that have revolutionised the many stages of watch strap construction.

Hirsch quick release spring bar system being used to fit a watch strap to an Omega watch.

As we have previously spoken about, the entire Hirsch watch strap range now comes with their new Quick-Release spring bar system. The pre-fitted spring bar allows you to change over your watch strap without the need for a spring bar tool. Most helpful for those of you that frequently change your watch straps.

Omega Dynamic watch with blue Hirsch Duke fitted to it on the wrist

Although not an entirely new colour, the Hirsch Duke in Blue has been made a little brighter. It is now more of a true blue whereas before it may have been considered a dark blue. The Duke is not the only model lucky enough to get this slightly fresher tone of blue, this same change has been replicated in the Grand Duke and George collections.

Pink watch strap on an Omega Speedmaster

Red, Pink and Beige are colours that are new to the Duke for 2020. They have been inherited from the outgoing Louisianalook and Princess models. These three additions take the total number of colours in the range to 12! All in all, that is 130 different combinations of width, length and colour... 260 if you count the buckle choices...

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