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Closer Look: RIOS1931 Hudson Genuine Suede Leather

Closer Look: RIOS1931 Hudson Genuine Suede Leather

"With a RIOS1931 watch strap, you are giving your watch a touch of the original in a world of mass production and ever more uniformity".

This is an extract from RIOS1931's catalogue and we couldn't agree more. RIOS1931 provides high-quality products and we are proud to have their products in our collection.

In this article we take a closer look to the model Hudson Genuine Suede Calf Leather.

The Hudson model is made of rustic Suede Calf Leather and it is characterised by minimalist stitch hand seamed from inside. The leather is anti-allergic and skin-friendly to ensure the maximum comfort. Excellent as a sporty strap.

Handmade produced, the Hudson belongs to the Remborde straps collection. Also known ad full-bugg, Remborde is a manufacturing process that involves approximately 140 steps in which the upper layer is tightly glued to a lining leather with a stratum of cotton fleece to prevent introduction of bacteria between the layers. Finally, the strap is stitched and then processed to soften the leather.

RIOS1931 not only aim to deliver high-quality products, they also have commitment for the environment. Buying RIOS1931 product means that leather are compliant with protection of species regulations, purchased under the provisions of the Washington Conservation Agreement. All the substances used are organic certified and therefore harmless.


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