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Best Watch and Straps for Cold Weather

Best Watch and Straps for Cold Weather

Cold weather can impact your watches' life. If you use a smart watch, for example, the batteries will drain faster when exposed to low temperatures (if you've ever left your phone out in the winter, you'll know that the freezing temperatures can cause these devices to turn off). And although traditional mechanical watches work better in the cold, some contain oils that can freeze in cold weather, meaning your timepiece can cease to function. Likewise, a watch not suited for winter can also be uncomfortable to wear — and a watch should be as comfortable as it is practical and stylish.

Regardless of whether you are off on a crisp winter walk, a hike up a mountain, or an extreme winter sports trip then, it is important to ensure your timepiece is suited for the cold weather so you can keep time, or make the most of your tachymeter (if that's your thing).

Best Watches for Cold Weather

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project

The plan for the original Omega Speedmaster Alaska prototype was to deal with the extreme temperatures on the dark side of the moon.

It uses a “standard” Speedmaster with a modified dial and hands in conjunction with an outer anodized aluminium thermal shield. This allows the watch to withstand temperatures, in lunar or spatial atmospheres, ranging rom -148C to +260C. And while it's unlikely you will be taking your watch to space, it's good to know that it will withstand all cold weather here on Earth. 

Image Credit - Fratello Watches

Linde Werdlin Spidolite Nord

The SpidoLite family is focused on extreme weight-reduction invented in 2008, and inspired by an expedition to Mount Everest in 2007. This means it's designed to balance strength with lightness and optimise performance, particularly in high altitude pursuits. There's a reason this is a popular choice for skiers. 

Inspired by the colours of the North Sea’s deepest waters, the Spidolite Nord features a sand-blasted anti-corrosive titanium grade 2 case, ceramic bearings, as well as a strengthened balance wheel to maximise how reliable the timepiece is. 

Image Credit - Linde Werdelin

Bremont Terra Nova

The Limited Edition Terra Nova was the result of a collaboration with polar explorer Ben Saunders. The result? lightweight custom mechanical watch with no compromise on performance. Manufactured from aircraft-grade titanium to reduce weight and increase strength, the watch is also water resistant up to 500m. The mechanical movement serves as a thermal insulator, and has been tested to -40°C to ensure it could withstand such extreme temperatures. 

Image Credit - Bremont Watches

It was even worn by Ben Saunders as he set a world record for longest pole journey on foot.

If you don't require a new watch, or are looking for ways to weather-proof your existing timepieces, you can switch out your watch strap for a much more affordable and quicker fix.

Best Watch Straps for Cold Weather

Switching out your watches' bracelet for a warmer leather or fabric strap is a quick win. 

Not only is it a cheaper alternative to buying a whole new timepiece, watch straps also allow you to customise your watch on a regular basis. In fact, we recommend that you have a rotation of watch straps so you can match your watch with your outfit and mood - and make your watch straps last longer in the process! Without further ado then, here are our top picks for watch straps suited for the cold weather. 

Elliot Brown Fabric Watch Straps

Elliot Brown watch straps are known for their premium materials, high-performance and stylish design — and their fabric watch straps are no different. Perfect for the cold weather, these webbed straps are tough, ultra-lightweight and have an uncompromisingly precise and solid fit.

Hirsch Heritage

The Hirsch Heritage is a celebration of traditional leatherworking craftsmanship, imbued with centuries of expertise.This strap has a raw, soft grain that's pleasing to the touch, and a comfortable 'Oysterglove' inner lining.


RIOS1931's MITTENWALD is a handsome and retro-style watch strap, made from 100% certified organic leather, and responsibly-sourced materials. Based in Augsburg, Germany, the company is staffed by rigorously-trained watch strap experts who handmake each strap, with the exceptional craftsmanship to show it.

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Written by Holly, for WatchObsession.