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Waterproof Gator-Embossed strap by Di-Modell

Waterproof Gator-Embossed strap by Di-Modell

We don't often get new arrivals from Di-Modell so it is always a good day when we do. Today we are looking at the Imperator, a staple of the Di-Modell collection for a while now but it has only just made its way in to our offering. What we love about this strap is it has some pretty nifty features that you don't tend to see all together on one watch strap.

Oris Sixty-Five Diver and Di-Modell Imperator watch straps in mixture of colours

What we noticed first about the Imperator was the edges of the watch strap. They're unlike anything we had on offer at the time and so we knew that we had to add this strap to our range. The thick rolled calfskin edges contrast the embossed alligator pattern that is set down the middle of the strap and finished off with tonal stitching.

Black Di-Modell Imperator on Oris Sixty-Five Diver

The Imperator's construction makes it a little tough to begin with but it soon breaks in and becomes more comfortable. Another great feature of the Imperator is the perforated calf leather lining, or AERO lining as it is called. These perforations help both you strap and wrist breathe a little easier.

Di-Modell AERO lining and loop anchor

You might be familiar with the patented Di-Modell loop anchor by now which is more useful that it might first appear. It keeps the second keeper from riding up the strap towards the watch (which is a pet peeve for watch nuts). This great feature is found on the Imperator.

Pocketshot of Di-Modell Imperator on Oris Divers Watch

As for available sizes, the Imperator comes in 5 width options for the regular length and 3 width options for the shorter length. The full colour run is exclusive to the regular length which consists of Black, Dark Brown, Gold Brown, Dark Green and Navy with only the Black, Dark Brown and Gold Brown available in the shorter length.

Green alligator embossed watch strap on Oris Diver Sixty-Five

So what watch is this strap suitable for? That is a tricky one, it looks like it would go well with a thick cased dress watch, but, the features it is loaded up with make it perfect for a sports watch. Maybe dressing up a sportier watch is where this strap comes in to its own, something like an Omega Seamaster that is worn to the gym in the morning and then to the office during the day.

Strapping up a Di-Modell Imperator in Oris watch

We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at the Imperator. Hit the links below to shop the range here at WatchObsession.

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