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Another snug fitting rubber dive strap from Crafter Blue

CRAFTER BLUE CB13 Rubber Watch Strap For Seiko MM200 Series – ORANGE With Rubber Keepers

For those of you that don't know, Crafter Blue is the brand behind all of the best looking rubber watch straps for Seiko dive watches. They specialise in making high quality rubber watch straps that have curved ends and fit tight to the case of specific Seiko watches. Any time there is a new Crafter Blue watch strap released, there are a lot of people with their fingers crossed hoping that a watch they have will be the next one have its very own Crafter Blue watch strap.

Switching out your stock Seiko strap for a Crafter Blue rubber strap is one of the quickest and easiest mods which is arguably the most transformational. The new rubber dive strap from Crafter Blue is called the CB13 and it is compatible with the Seiko MM200 series which is seen here in this blog post and the Seiko Mini Turtle series.

Crafter Blue CB13 Curved End Rubber Watch Strap

Switching out your stock Seiko bracelet or strap for a Crafter Blue doesn't just enhance the look of the watch but also the functionality. The curved ends of the Crafter Blue straps and precisely positioned spring bar holes work together to ensure a tight to the case fit. In doing this, Crafter Blue have created a rubber watch strap that is very comfortable and more than capable of being used for frequent swimming or diving.


The stainless steel buckle and keeper top off an all round great watch strap. Fix the buckle in to one of 16 purposefully placed holes to find the right fit for you either with or without a wetsuit on thanks to its considered strap length.

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