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Brand Focus: Crafter Blue rubber straps for Seiko

Crafter Blue was born out of pure passion for Seiko watches. The founder Steve Chan wanted to better his watch wearing experience by upgrading his stock Seiko strap but could not find anything suitable.

Back in 2014, the very first Crafter Blue strap was produced for the Seiko Sumo. The high quality finish and curved ends meant it was an instant hit with all Seiko enthusiasts. Fast forward 4 years and the ever growing Crafter Blue range is not only compatible with Seiko watches but some Tudor models as well.

Fans of Crafter Blue straps love them for the look they can achieve with the curved ends. When the strap fits tight to the watch it completely transforms the look and feel of it and enhances the wearers experience. You don't have to look far on Instagram for Crafter Blue fans, here are a few combos we love:

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