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Another Camouflage Performance Watch Strap

Hirsch John in Grey Camo on Tudor Black Bay

Hirsch introduce another pretty special looking piece to their ever growing range of Performance watch straps. This new colour option adds to an existing model we introduced to you last year which is already available in Blue and Green Camo. When we introduced the Hirsch John to you last year, it was the first natural rubber watch strap to uniformly blend multiple colours together to create a patterned smooth surface.

Arctic Camouflage watch strap

We saw Blue and Green camouflage colour options on the first release which were really popular with you all. This time around, the camouflage pattern is just as strong but the colours are more subtle making this strap an easier go-to than the other two colour options in the range. When paired with a black buckle, this strap has such an urban feel to it that would look great on a blacked out watch.

 Quick release performance watch strap

This new Hirsch John strap, like the ones before it, gets the Hirsch Quick-Release (QR) spring bar system installed as standard. With this integrated system, changing over the watch strap is very simple and saves a lot of time. If the QR pins are not for you then they can be removed but you would still be left with a hole where the pin used to be.

Hirsch John Waterproof Camo Watch Strap

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