April 03, 2020 2 min read

The Camouflage Performance watch strap you didn't see coming.

The 2020 Hirsch releases continue with this new Performance watch strap called John. Available in two colours, either a Green Camouflage or a Blue Camouflage in either 20mm or 22mm and just the one length option (120mm/80mm).

Row of Hirsch John watch straps with one fitted to an Oris 65 Diver

This Camo strap trend isn't showing signs of slowing down and the John is testament to that. As with all of the Hirsch Performance watch straps, the John is made from their signature breathable caoutchouc rubber lining and paired with an all new multi-coloured caoutchouc upper.

Oris 65 Diver and Hirsch John on the wrist with Farah polo shirt.

Comfortable from the get go

As with the other Hirsch Performance straps, the John is really comfortable from the get go. For those that don't normally like rubber straps, the performance range is one that is worth trying. They are a lot more breathable than a standard rubber strap. We have fitted the John to an Oris 65 Diver and it looks and feels great.

Blue camouflage watch strap and dive watch on the wrist.

Better suited to an active user

As you can see pictured here, the John doesn't have stitching which is similar to the Hirsch Arne. The lack of stitching and vivid colour-ways mean this strap is better suited to sport watches and better suited to an active user. If you are looking for something which you can wear everyday that still has the same comfort then we would suggest the Hirsch James or Hirsch Paul which are a little more smart-casual.

Quick-release spring bar on the Hirsch John rubber watch strap

Changing the straps is really simple

All of the Hirsch John watch straps will come with quick-release spring bars which means changing the straps is really simple. Use your nail or a tweezer to compress the spring bar and pull the strap away from the watch. This method is preferred by some but not others.

Multiple watch straps and buckles with spring bar tool and divers watch

Maximum comfort

Coming standard on the sturdy Hirsch HCB buckle which you can have in a choice of Silver, Gold, Brushed or Black. Pin buckles not your thing? We also make the straps available with a sport deployment clasp for maximum comfort.

Green camouflage watch strap and black Hirsch HCB buckle

We have the Hirsch John in stock and ready to go however you want it. Hit one of the links below to find all of the feature product in this post.

Collections on WatchObsession:

Hirsch JOHN Performance Watch Strap
Hirsch JAMES Performance Watch Strap
Hirsch PAUL Performance Watch Strap

Read more:

Red Dot Design Award for Hirsch Performance Collection



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