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5 Watch straps to fit to the Oris 65 Diver

5 Watch straps to fit to the Oris 65 Diver

You will often hear us say that a new strap will transform the look of your watch so we thought, why not show you what we mean. This time around we take the popular Oris 65 Diver and fit some different looking watch straps to it. With every strap change you see the watch completely change and each time to suit a different style. 

Di-Modell Nevada

First up is the Di-Modell Nevada. We picked out this strap because it is quite a bit different to what you might normally see fitted to a diver but it gives the watch a real presence on the wrist. It is fairly thick and most sizes in the range run parallel which when executed properly can look really good...

Price - £27.95
Available widths - 20mm - 30mm

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Hirsch James

As many of you know, a Hirsch Performance watch strap is almost always going to  feature on any list that we put together. They are just such an awesome all round watch strap. This time around we have gone with the James which is one of the most popular performance straps. Black or Gold Brown might have suited this watch a little better but we thought the Brown deserved some limelight. If you are yet to give a Performance strap a try, the James is a good place to start. The James can be worn in almost any situation... With a suit, wetsuit or on a casual weekend.

Price - £64.95
Available widths - 18mm - 22mm (both M & L lengths)

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JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan

Since their introduction some time ago to WatchObsession, Jean Paul Menicucci's watch straps and accessories have been a great addition. We haven't done so much promotion around the Shell Cordovan range but they are as good as it gets. Hand crafted from a cut of genuine Horween Shell Cordovan, the straps don't have a lining making them thin but comfortable. Their slimline appearance make them a good choice for shallow cases and long lugs. Complement this Green JPM strap with an interesting shirt and let it stand out. Wear it casually or to dress the watch up a little.

Price - £97.50
Available widths - 20mm (18mm-22mm in other colours)

Shop the JPM Shell Cordovan collection


Premium One-Piece

One-piece watch straps come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, materials. Some of our favourites are from our Premium line that are that bit softer than your average nylon one-piece. This Burgundy one comes from our recent drop of new colours that have been well received. One-piece straps are to be worn really casually and actually represent good value for money when you consider what you can put them through.

Price - £14.95
Available widths - 20mm

Shop the Premium One-Piece collection


RIOS1931 Boston

German watch strap maker, RIOS1931 have some of the most realistic alligator embossed calf models. They have invested heavily in the technology to be able replicate the details of a genuine alligator hide. The Boston is a nicely padded strap with a trapezoidal taper which is not commonly found on a lot of our existing straps. Contrasting stitching will make it a little more casual but this strap can be paired up to make a formal combo too.

Price - £29.95
Available widths - 18mm - 22mm

Shop the RIOS1931 Boston collection

The Boston concludes our series of 5 watch straps to fit to the Oris 65 Diver. Let us know what you think of some of these combos or if there is a strap that you think the Oris would look better on.

Is there a watch you would like to see some watch straps on? Let us know what watch and what you use the watch for and we will put together some suggestions.

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