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Here we have the opportunity to bring you a stunning piece of art, a truly stunning addition to any office, man den or empty wall, this really can go anywhere and be a talking point with any visitor!
The print is presented on the highest quality paper available to us and is the least we could do to do justice to the skill and artistry achieved by the artist.


Words from the artist, Franco Pupulin:
"The drawing of the Seamaster / Seahorse was born to celebrate my wife's gift. I made it with a Montblanc Writers Edition Hemingway fountain pen, fitted with a large, extra-fine nib, on Fabriano ivory paper.
The original drawing is now framed with the wood of Bombacopsis quinata, a tree with attractive wood naturally pink-brown in colour, particularly suited for fine furniture as it does not deform and it is resistant to any kind of scratching.
I gifted it to my wife, and it now proudly stands in the small library of our house. The detail in this drawing really needs to be seen first hand to be appreciated, considering this is all done with a fountain pen and free hand, it not only needed skill but a lot of patience too."

We have put together an Information Sheet, explaining a bit about the artist, Franco Pupulin and the Seahorse to give you an understanding and explanation for the drawing; here we have the drawing printed in Blue, taken from the original.


Please note: There are slight blemishes and discolouration in the print; these are not flaws, but present in the original drawing in its raw form and do not detract from the beauty & skill on display in this drawing.


Comes delivered in a 75mm Heavy Duty Cardboard Tube for added protection.


A special thank you to Mr Franco Pupulin for giving us the opportunity to share this stunning drawing!


Main Print

592 x 420mm A2

300gsm Uncoated Bond Paper

High Quality Litho Print

Sheet Information

297 x 210mm A4

300gsm Uncoated Bond Paper

High Quality Litho Print

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