• Black Nato with white stripes
  • Buckle and pin holes of black Nato with white stripes
  • Full length black Nato strap with white stripes
  • Group of Nato striped watch straps in all available colours

Nato Straps

Nato Watch Straps in BLACK with WHITE Stripes

£9.95 GBP



These NATO Canvas watch straps are a brilliant addition to any watch. They are very comfortable and breathable, and they are a great alternative to the metal bracelet or leather strap on your watch.

They hold the watch in place on your wrist more securely than other types of straps, with the added security in that if one spring bar fails then the second spring bar will keep the watch from coming off your wrist.

With the extra length that these straps offer it means you can wear your watch over a jacket. These may be handy when partaking in activities such as sailing, skiing, hunting, golfing, fishing etc.


  • 265mm total length (excluding buckle)
  • 245mm total usable length (excluding buckle)
  • 160mm shortest usable length (excluding buckle)
  • 80mm of strap between the two keepers where you put your watch.

Widths available :

  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 24mm
Comes with polished buckle and keepers.
Stitch and not heat sealed.

**Product may differ slightly to image**

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