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Making Green great again with WOLF1834

Making Green great again with WOLF1834

WOLF1834 have delivered an absolutely stunning collection called 'British Racing Green' which draws inspiration from motorsport but more specifically road racing that was popular during the 1900s in Ireland. To produce this collection, WOLF1834 used a deep green vegan leather and complimented it with light gold plated hardware and accents. Many of the styles in the collection are new or improved version of their tried and tested product. We have but a small selection of the 'British Racing Green' collection having only a few options but we are able to acquire any of the other pieces from the range like the double or triple watch winders.

British racing green watch roll

Large Watch Roll

Watch rolls are a great way of storing your watches when on the move or for easier access. WOLF1984 have themselves a very good watch roll here which not only looks great but is packed full of features... literally.

Luxury watch roll in British racing green.

Once you gain access to the watch roll via the pressed buttons, you are greeted by a matching British Racing Green suede lining with the WOLF1834 branding discreetly etched to the inside. The inner roll where your watches are placed on is also in this luxurious green suede with matching rings that guard the watches by acting as a buffer between them to ensure there is no watch on watch contact. We said this watch roll was packed full of features mostly because there is a smaller storage case within the roll part of this watch roll. Used mainly for cuff links but is big enough to store spare parts for your watches.

8 watch storage box in green

8 Watch Storage box

We think this 8 watch storage box is absolutely stunning. From the shape to the tasteful gold details, this box would look the part on display and would allow for easy access to your 8 favourite watches. Precisely manufactured from the same British Racing Green vegan leather, this watch box has a distinctive top detail which we think elevates the whole look and feel.

8 watch storage box in British racing green

Inside, you will see that there is plenty of space for the 8 watches of your choice. Suitable for big and small watches on straps, bracelets and everything in between thanks to the size of the watch cushion which has been refined over the years of watch box manufacture. One really neat feature of the watch cushion is the gold coloured locator blocks that align to ensure all of your watches sit at the same angle and height.

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