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What Is A One-Piece Nylon Watch Strap?

What Is A NATO Watch Strap?

Introduced by The British Ministry of Defence in 1973, the one-piece watch strap is a one piece watch strap but secured to the watch in two separate points. It works by a single piece of material (nylon, leather or rubber) slipping between the watch face’s lugs, under the case back, and securing the watch by a buckle. 

With a one-piece strap fitted, your watch is guaranteed to be more safe and secure than any other type of strap. The design of the one-piece strap means should one spring bar fail then the second spring bar will keep the watch attached to the strap.  

The 3 Different Types Of One-Piece Watch Straps 

Nylon One-Piece Watch Straps

One-piece watch straps are typically made from woven Nylon, and are a great alternative to a leather watch strap or metal bracelet.

This type of strap is incredibly popular for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are considered to be one of the most comfortable watch straps available. They are also durable, water resistant, affordable, and come in a wide array of colours and designs to suit any unique taste. They’re simple enough for even the most inexperienced watch owner to change out. Thus, the one-piece strap is a great way to switch up the look and feel of your watch. 

One-Piece Watch Strap with Polished Buckle and Keepers

What Is A NATO Watch Strap?

These nylon one-piece watch straps are comfortable, breathable and a great alternative to the metal bracelet or leather strap on your watch. 

At Watch Obsession, we stock a wide variety of nylon one-piece straps so you can choose from hundreds of colours, styles and patterns to suit your individual taste and occasion. 


Leather One-Piece Watch Straps 

What Is A NATO style Watch Strap?

Leather One-Piece straps are another popular variety.

High quality leather can give your strap a smart, luxurious feel and can be worn for any occasion. This type of strap is simple enough that the watch will look great with a T-shirt and jeans, yet it’s still professional enough to wear to the office with a suit and tie.

TANNER BATES Leather One-Piece Watch Strap with Polished Hardware

What Is A NATO Strap?

Hand finished leather strap by Tanner Bates, cut from naturally tanned leather then dyed along the edges, giving it a distinctive tonal finish along the sides. The hardware is then put in place and hand stitched using a durable woven thread. 

Please note: all of our one-piece leather watch straps are genuine leather and must be properly maintained. Learn how to care for a leather watch strap here. For guidance on how to soften a leather watch strap, take a look at this blog. 

Rubber One-Piece Watch Straps 

Rubber One-Piece watch straps reap the benefits of the classic variety, but with added superior aquatic qualities - ideal for pairing with diving watches. 

Bonetto Cinturini 328 Premium Rubber One-Piece Watch Strap

What Is A NATO Watch Strap?

A twist on the venerable one-piece military band, this Italian-made Bonetto Cinturini watch strap is a seamless combination of premium quality material and a tried and true, comfortable form-factor. The strap has a novel all-rubber construction for peerless water resistance and a supple, comfortable fit upon the wrist, while a specially reinforced section around the holes greatly enhances its resistance to wear-and-tear. 

The Bonetto Cinturini 328 is available with a choice of polished, or sandblasted matt hardware, allowing you to subtly customise the strap's accent.


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Written by Kate, for WatchObsession UK.