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WatchObsession and Driftwood Designs Collaboration.

WatchObsession and Driftwood Designs Collaboration.

Since moving to our new building in Aberystwyth town centre we wanted to do something special with the huge windows on the 1st floor.  

Not just because it was blinding in the sunshine, but because it was too good an opportunity to pass up and the 4 windows are like huge canvases facing the street.

Before we launched Cactws menswear this time last summer the transformation from blue to brown was the first thing to happen.  

Summer 2016

The window was the next transformation. We did consider a photograph that spanned the whole building, but we wanted something a little different.  We already knew of the artist Lizzy Spikes (and own a couple of her prints!) Driftwood Designs her company is known locally for her paintings of local Welsh scenery.  

After looking at her website for inspiration we found what we hoped could be the perfect image and after a telephone call  and a visit to the shop it was clear that Lizzy and Becky understood what we wanted to achieve and went out of their way to make it happen for us and worked with a friend of ours at Redesign to make it happen.

Luke from Redesign fitting the giant wrap

Lizzy adding some final touches !! 

Although we do say so ourselves, we think the Aberystwyth print in grey scale came out pretty well.  The original can be seen here .

The end result is a bit special and it complements Cactws pretty well too!!