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Watch Straps to Suit the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection

Watch Straps to Suit the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection

The Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection is a beautiful range produced by leading watchmakers Seiko, who value perfection and artistry. So what is the Cocktail collection and what straps would suit your new Seiko Cocktail watch?

The History of the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection

The first of the Seiko Cocktail collection was released in 2010, paying homage to the elegant aesthetic of cocktail bars. These are designed to show the sleek and dressy nature of the locations- making for a great dress watch

The collection was first inspired by the Ishinohana Bar in Shibuya run by one of the world’s leading mixologists, Ishigaki Shinobu. Due to the cocktail inspirations, they often come with colourful and intricate dials, including beautiful shades of blue, green, silver, white and brown.

The watches, as described by Seiko themselves, have many respectable features that make the collection special. This includes the slim, shining markers on the watch dials that evoke the imagery of a cocktail glass stem. As well as having classical box-shaped hardlex crystals with delicately curved hands.

The Cocktail Time Presage range was added to the Presage line in 2017. The Presage line is among Seiko’s more premium watches, which are highly mechanical, with top-notch 6R and 8R movements.

Popular Watches from the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection


This watch is for Espresso Martini lovers. This watch has a dark grey dial inspired by the iconic cocktail and is perfect for those looking for a sophisticated watch.


Inspired by the Martini, this watch has been intricately designed to incorporate all of your favourite elements of a martini into the design. This includes the addition of a green-coloured second hand and power reserve hand, emanating the olive.


This vibrant green dial watch is inspired by the cocktail, the Grasshopper. The dial features a green gradation, providing a sleek and elegant overall look. This is perfect for those who want a watch that stands out.

Straps We Recommend for the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection

There are many sleek watch straps that could accompany the Seiko Cocktail range, all of which would elevate the watch’s elegance and timelessness. Whether you will be wearing it in a dress watch style or as more casual wear- find out our recommendations here.

Our top picks are:

  1. Hirsch Regent Blue
  2. JPM Elegant Gold Brown
  3. Morellato Naxos Blue
  4. Pebro Oiled Artisan
  5. RIOS1931 Boston Navy Blue

1.    Hirsch Regent Blue

Our first recommendation is the Hirsch Regent Blue. This elegant strap is crafted from genuine alligator leather and acts as a luxury accompaniment to the Seiko Cocktail Time Presage collection. The blue leather is subtle and soft and can help to accentuate the bold watch dials featured in the collection.

2.    JPM Elegant Gold Brown

Another great combination we would pick would be the JPM Elegant Gold Brown watch strap. Honestly named, this elegant strap serves as a premium leather option for your Seiko watch.

The supple leather and natural colourings display a premium look that would enhance any watch- especially a watch from the Seiko Cocktail collection.

3.    Morellato Naxos Blue

For anyone who enjoys a smooth strap or is an eco-conscious strap buyer- the Morellato Naxos Blue is the strap for you.

The recycled blue leather will complement the collection perfectly, adding a new level of elegance and fun to your watch.

4.    Pebro Oiled Artisan

This oiled leather strap is perfect for watch enthusiasts who are looking for a minimalist look.

The strap has been imbued with a special oil treatment that gives it a subtle sheen. This subtlety works well with the detailed design of the Seiko collection.

5.    RIOS1931 Boston Navy Blue

The RIOS1931 Boston in Navy Blue is the perfect all-rounder watch strap. It is crafted with realistic alligator embossed calfskin giving the strap its stylish look. The strap can do it all. From smart to casual, due to the contrast stitching, this strap is versatile and so is perfect in combination with the Seiko Cocktail straps.


The Seiko Cocktail Time Presage Collection is an elegant collection inspired by specific cocktails and cocktail bars. These watches deserve an equally elegant watch strap to accompany it. Following our hand-crafted list of strap choices, you will make your Seiko watch a topic of conversation for all.