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Watch Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Watch Christmas Gift Guide 2022

It’s that time of year again, love it or hate it, Christmas is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. If you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for a watch enthusiast then you have stumbled upon the perfect guide for you. We have compiled a list of high-quality watch products that are bound to make your loved one feel appreciated.

Watch Cases

Protecting your bespoke timepiece is of utmost importance for any watch enthusiast. If your loved one is a keen traveller, what is better than buying them a watch case to make traveling with a watch a swift and safe process? 

Our collection of watch cases comes in a variety of styles that will complement the watch perfectly. We specifically want to highlight the JPM Single Watch Travel Cases. Crafted from robust calfskin leather and lined with soft alcantara, this watch case makes for the perfect gift for all.

Watch Winders

Practical gifts are a staple of Christmas as an adult. What is more practical for a watch lover than a watch winder?

Watch winders are designed to keep automatic watches wound when they aren’t being worn. If your loved one removes their watch for longer than 24 hours, watch winders will aid the watch to stay on time. 

The Wolf Cub Single Watch Winders are the ideal gift for any automatic watch lovers. The watch winder cover is crafted from vegan leather and so is a must for any eco-conscious watch lover. It is an uncomplicated piece of equipment that your loved ones will greatly appreciate. 

Watch Care Kits

No watch enthusiast wants to damage their prized possession, so why not help them to keep their watch in top-notch condition this Christmas? Our watch care kits are designed to keep watches free from scratches and other mishaps. 

Purchase our Heli Professional Watch Care and Travel Kit as a gift today and pass on the joy of practicality this Christmas. For any lover of a metal bracelet, this will be the perfect gift which will leave the watch looking shiny and new. 

Gift Card

Not sure what to buy the watch enthusiast or shopping last minute? No problem, we are here to help. Our gift cards can be used year-round and allow the receiver to purchase whatever product their heart desires. At Watch Obsession, we are committed to answering your questions and queries. Wondering if the watch strap will suit their watch? We are on hand to give you professional advice. 

No need to worry about whether they will dislike your watch-related choices, as we have a 60-day returns policy.

Watch Straps

Being able to customise your watch is a must-have for many watch enthusiasts. We have a large selection of watch straps available, collating straps of all colours, widths, and styles. There is no doubt that you will be able to find one that your loved one will be thrilled to receive. 

Perlon Watch Straps

Perlon straps are a stylish and affordable alternative to leather and metal watch straps. These braided straps have become popular worldwide due to their durability and lightweight feel. Designed in a range of colours, you will find the perfect match for you.

Vegan Watch Straps

These environmentally-friendly vegan watch straps are highly durable, stylish and comfortable. Many top brands such as Morellato, Hirsch and Omega have released vegan ranges, in line with their usual bespoke qualities. The Morellato vegan range has worked to emulate the stylistic features of leather to maintain the usual feel of a leather watch strap. 

Omega Watch Straps

The Omega watch straps are a fan favourite here at Watch Obsession, so much so they are often rotated out when they sell out. The limited edition nature of these straps, therefore, means that you have to be quick when snapping them up. 

Whether or not you are looking for genuine alligator deployment straps or for a vintage leather look, the Omega collection is full to the brim with classic and timeless pieces that make for the perfect gift for all watch lovers.

If you have any questions when choosing a strap, do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page and we would be more than happy to assist. 

Non-Watch Gifts

Here at Watch Obsession, we have some personal favourite gift ideas perfect for watch lovers and non-watch lovers alike. Some of our favourite include:

The Diary by Steven Bartlett

Influential podcaster, businessman, BBC Dragon, and now author, what can't Steven Bartlett do? His new book The Diary is marketed as the diary that coaches you back. This creates a sense of accountability, in addition to providing you with a plethora of data for self-improvement. 

Penderyn Rich Oak Whisky

This Welsh-distilled whisky is perfect for the sophisticated drinkers in the family. With aromas of dark chocolate fudge, cinnamon, and pepper spices - what's not to love?

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Written by Luthien for Watch Obsession.