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Watch Straps for a Cool and Casual Summer

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Come the sunshine and warmer weather everything is just a bit more casual.  For the sake of style and comfort we change our wardrobes and bring out the short sleeves, sunglasses, shorts and hats. So why not change your watch strap for the same relaxed look for your watch as you do for your clothes and be just as comfortable?

With so much choice these days what straps do you choose?

Nylon, canvas and rubber are the obvious choices here — they’re lightweight, soft, breathable and can be washed free of any sand, salt water and sweat. Leather is always a good choice but keep it light and possibly choose something perforated for enhanced airflow.

For an effortless, casual cool, any of these straps will transform your watch into a eye-catching, heat-beating, time-keeping, companion


One-piece straps
These straps are a Military classic that have crossed over into the mainstream and look like they are here to stay  They are waterproof, washable, affordable watchstraps and each year they come in even more colour options and combinations.  Check out our new luxury 'seatbelt' style straps.

 Orange One-Piece Nylon Strap with PVD buckle and Keepers £9.95


ZULU straps
These straps are similar to the Perlon but are available in a two piece strap or as one continuous piece of heavier grade Nylon that makes your watch chunkier to wear.  They also have heavier duty  hardwear. Again, the colours available can help pick out accent colours on your watch or outfit, see the red on the Enzo Acqua below:

Black stripe Zulu and Sand Zulu £18.95

Perlon Straps
These light and breathable straps are quick to dry when wet and give the wearer flexibility when wearing.  The length is fully adjustable and there are no punched holes when putting it on your wrist.  We have also upgraded the buckle on our  models to be far stronger than many you may find elsewhere. 

Orange Perlon  £9.95


Natural Rubber straps
All the rubber straps made by Hirsch are made out of natural Caoutchouc (rubber)  There straps are a
bsolutely water-resistant, dimensionally stable, tear-proof and resistant to external influences, such as UV light, chemicals, extreme hot or cold.  These straps are also perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hirsch Urbane £49.00


Other Rubber Dive Straps
Silicone and rubber watch straps can be much softer and more flexible than resin watch straps. Unlike resin straps which can split if flexed too much, silicon and rubber straps are very flexible and will not split.
We now stock curved ended straps that are custom made to fit your Rolex, Tudor, Seiko and Omega watches

Crafter Blue Rubber strap £64.95


Leather and Rubber Combo straps 
Hirsch Performance range is a perfect solution for when you want the best of both worlds.  You may want to look smart for the office, but also have the functionality of a rubber watch strap for the weekend. The rubber highlights can also accent the highlights of your watch without being too obvious and the holes in models such as the Robby can also let your skin breath even more.

Hirsch James £55.00

Hirsch Robby £75.00


Leather Watch Straps 
Racing style straps with their perforations work well for the summer. the lighter strap allows your skin to breath a little more. 

Di Modell Rallye £24.95

Hirsch Rally Natural £43.00


If you want to buy a new strap for your watch but are unsure what strap to choose, don't hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to help and talk watches!