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Travel in style with this JPM Canvas Watch Roll

Travel in style with this JPM Canvas Watch Roll

Okay, so you might not be travelling anywhere or attending a watch gtg anytime soon but... that is not to say that this watch roll doesn't serve a purpose outside of travel. Yes, the watch roll is great when on the move but it can also be used to casually store your watches or even watches and straps.

Handcrafted in Italy by JPM, this watch roll is as good to look at as it is functional. The visually appealing canvas outside is incredibly durable and would withstand a lot of punishment, more than what you would want to send its way when your watches are inside.

Canvas watch roll by JPM with Tudor Black Bay

Each pouch comes with room for 6 watches to be slotted in to its own individual pouch that is suede lined from bottom to top. More of that super soft suede comes in the form of a protective blanket that folds over to stop the watches from touching one another. Our JPM watch roll will accommodate watches on straps and watches on bracelets as well as small tools or straps if you didn't manage to fill all 6 pouches. Ideal if you like to switch between straps on the move.

JPM Canvas Watch Roll and Rolex Submariner

Once you've loaded up the watch roll with your watches, straps and tools then you're good to go, just roll it up and keep it secure with a stunning strap that fastens with a strip of hook & loop fabric.

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