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Rolex Milgauss, A Really Cool Geeks Watch?

Rolex Milgauss, A Really Cool Geeks Watch?
Although the Milgauss does not get as much attention as many of Rolex’s other watch lines, it is truly unique among their collections.
With its brilliantly symmetrical dial, lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand, and striking green crystal it really is a stand out watch.

The first Milgauss was introduced by Rolex back in 1954 to help scientists work in the highly magnetic charge research environment of CERN.  It was speculated that  it was CERN that requested Rolex to come out with the Milgauss but it has yet to be proven.  Although there is a photo of a CERN scientist in one of the later instruction manuals.
The name "Milgauss" is made up from the French word "mille" - which means 1,000 -and "Gauss", the magnetic field measure discovered Carl Friedrich Gauss.  Therefore signifying that the watch is resistant to 1000 gauss. 
A "normal" anti-magnetic watch can only cope with 6% of the magnetic field that the Milgauss can handle. 

Science lab stuff aside, the watch is still an absolutely beautiful watch.
This Milgauss GV’s (glasse vert) dial is matte grey and the orange highlights within the watch on the lightening bolt second hand and the markers are great eye-catchers

However you can only see one of the most unique features in the dark. 
The hour markers of its dial are finished with two different colours of luminous paint. While the majority of the markers receive white luminous paint that glows green, the markers at the 3, 6, and 9 locations are filled with an orange-coloured luminous material that glows blue in low-light settings.

So, how does Rolex manage to protect the Milgauss movement from such strong magnetic fields?  By encasing it within a shield known as a “Faraday Cage”.  It is made of soft iron which is what helps make it anti magnetic, however this and it's double case backs, the Milgauss is quite a heavy watch.
With all links of the bracelet installed, the watch weighs in at 157 grams.  You certainly know when its on your wrist! But swap it out for a leather strap and suddenly it transforms this watch and makes it a ton lighter too.
Here it is on a Hirsch Andy:

Owning a Milgauss is actually a very wise decision. It has the normal, excellent  Rolex quality. It’s made with extremely resistant steel, it’s waterproof to 100m, it's anti-magnetic to at least 1,000 gauss should you ever be in such a situation and need it!  It's powered by a certified Superlative Chronometer movement; and, finally, it's a extremely gorgeous watch that it highly versatile, and it’s far from being the most expensive Rolex. What's not to like?
The Milgauss we have in stock is competitively priced at £4950.00 and is available for wearing on your wrist tomorrow.