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Removing a scratch from the Q Timex Reissue with PolyWatch

Q Timex Reissue getting PolyWatch dial treatment

For a watch enthusiast catching your watch on something is up there with one of the most gut wrenching things you can do. Similar to bumping your car or dropping your phone, the feeling you get between the initial contact and the flustered assessment of the damage is horrible. In this case, it was direct contact with a door handle which caused this scuff on the glass of our Timex watch.

We are normally advocates of wearing watches, wearing them well and accepting that they will get scratches, dings and scuffs but this one was just a little bit too obvious. So, what do you do when you get a scuff like this on your watch face? There are many home remedies but we prefer to grab a tube of PolyWatch and a a cloth.

Tube of PolyWatch with Q Timex Reissue before treatment

Each tube of PolyWatch comes with instructions written on it but we will just give you a really brief explanation of how it is used. You start by giving the watch a wipe down with a soft cloth to remove anything that might be abrasive from the dial before you land a big blob of PolyWatch on the dial.

Polywatch being applied to a Q Timex Reissue

Give the PolyWatch a little shake before dropping a large pea sized blog on the dial then proceed to work the polish over the dial with a bit of pressure but not too much. Similar to when you're trying to get scratches out of your car, you will notice that the PolyWatch is lightly working away a very small amount of the dial.

Q Timex Reissue during the PolyWatch dial treatment

Once you have applied the PolyWatch in a circular motion, we would recommend allowing it to dry for a few minutes before buffing it off. If the scuff or scratch is still to noticeable after the treatment then reapply the product and try again. PolyWatch should work on most scuffs and light scratches but it won't do much for deep scratches and gouges.

Q Timex Reissue following PolyWatch dial scratch treatment

This is the result of the scuff removal following two rounds of PolyWatch application. After removing the obvious scuff mark, the watch still had a deeper scratch under the scuff but at least it looks better than before.

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