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Rustic racing watch straps by Jean Paul Menicucci

JPM Racing strap in peanut on the wrist with Omega Speedmaster

Walnut, Black and Peanut JPM Racing straps laying flat with Omega Speedmaster

The passion that Jean Paul has for his craft is unrivalled and so any time we want to come up with a new selection of straps, he is always on hand to help with material selection and sizing specification.

This time around was no different, we gave him the brief and out came this mixed collection of rustic and smooth perforated racing watch straps.

Hand holding the Omega Speedmaster with JPM Racing strap fitted

It is no secret that racing watch straps pair perfectly with modern and vintage chronograph watches. The smooth black version of this racing strap will add a touch of class to your watch without being too formal to wear daily. Although mostly aesthetic, the perforations in the strap do allow your wrist to breathe.

Omega Speedmaster #speedytuesday set with JPM Racing strap in Peanut fitted

The strap pictured above is the Peanut coloured JPM Racing strap, one which has been worn for a number of months to test it. We wanted these racing straps to get better with age and so we asked for them to be made with a material that will develop a rustic, authentic, patina.

Peanut JPM Racing strap in the palm of a hand

The difference between this brand new one and the worn one is very clear. Both look fantastic but it is always good to know how the strap will develop after wear. We shouldn't pick favourites but this Peanut strap is really something.

Pocket shot of Omega Speedmaster and JPM racing strap in Walnut

That is not to say that the Walnut option should be disregarded as it is stunning on the right watch. This #speedytuesday will wear anything well but you can imagine this Walnut strap fitted to a cream dial vintage Heuer.

All three of these beauties are available from WatchObsession now and can be found in our Jean Paul Menicucci watch strap collection.