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Our Seatbelt Nylon Straps get a fresh drop of colour

Our Seatbelt Nylon Straps get a fresh drop of colour

The humble Nylon strap has evolved quite dramatically over the last five years or so with new styles popping up all of the time. The amount of colour combinations you will find for sale today is mind blowing but it is not only the colours that have evolved. Seatbelt Nylon straps are an adaptation of the standard Nylon straps that most people are familiar with. Normally they are made with a thicker material that it constructed using a different weave pattern and most of the time they will run larger hardware.

WatchObsession Seatbelt nato straps with Macbook and AirPods

We began our Seatbelt Nylon collection late last year with a selection of five colours available with either brushed or black hardware in either 20mm or 22mm. The reaction to that initial drop has been so good that we decided to give you another five new colours with the same size and hardware options. Running approximately 1.4mm in thickness and 290mm in length, our Seatbelt Nylon straps are better suited to slightly bigger watches.

Seiko srpd79k1 on reverse bond nato strap with Apple Macbook

Our latest colour additions are a little reserved with a splash of colour and one stripe combo that we think is pretty awesome... Dubbed the reverse Bond, it combines the black and grey colours from our first drop to make a rather interesting looking watch strap. We fitted it to the Seiko SRPD79K1 and selected the black hardware to match the case of the watch. The result is a very stealthy yet eye catching combo.

Dark brown seatbelt nato watch strap with watchobsession brushed steel buckle

With a different weave pattern, square holes and larger hardware, our Seatbelt Nylon straps have a little bit more presence when on the wrist. Take nothing away from our Standard Nylon straps as there is most certainly a time and place for them but their bigger brother does a slightly better job when it comes to bigger watches. 

Seiko srpd79k1 with WatchObsession Seatbelt Nato in the palm of a hand

Grey/Black, Dark Brown, Army Green, Oatmeal and Sky Blue are the five new colours that have been added to the collection. We know we shouldn't have favourites but the reverse Bond (Grey/Black) and Army Green just look so good when fitted to our all Black Seiko. Saying that, the Oatmeal and Sky Blue colours look just as good on the green dial Seiko, which you will no doubt see on our Instagram soon.

Coffee shop study scene with two Seiko watches on Seatbelt Nato straps

Is there a colour you think we should add to the collection? Or maybe you have seen a different style of Nylon straps you think we should get in. Let us know in the comments, on our social or via email. You can always pick up the phone too, we don't mind talking watch straps.

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