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Morellato Watch Straps come to WatchObsession 🇮🇹

Morellato Watch Straps come to WatchObsession 🇮🇹

We welcome yet another new watch strap brand to WatchObsession with a rather large offering straight off the bat. Normally we talk about a new watch strap style or a new collection but this time round, it is a new brand introduction with three collections and a lot of new and exciting styles to introduce to you. Morellato is the latest to join the brands at WatchObsession and some of you may be familiar with them already. Based in Italy and in operation since 1930, Morellato have been offering quality watch straps for a long time and doing it with style... as we come to expect from Italian brands.

Entire Morellato watch strap collection at WatchObsession

Manufatti Collection

To try and do this or the other two collections justice in a short paragraph is not quite possible but we will do our best... The Manufatti collection by Morellato is what they consider their most expressive range in terms of the highest quality finish and best looking styles using the most interesting materials. We have been blown away by the finish on these watch straps and love the mix of leathers used across this range from deer hide to supple calf leathers that get better with age. Every style from this range is handmade with some models having limited production meaning once they're gone, they're likely to remain gone. Personal favourite is the tan coloured Derian.

Morellato Manufatti Watch Strap Collection at WatchObsession

Save the Nature

This collection really surprised us. By using recycled leather and fabric in the making of this collection, Morellato estimate that they were able to reduce water waste by 94%, energy use by 60% and CO2 emissions by 32%. Seeing manufacturers begin to think this way is refreshing and it is something we were really keen to get onboard with. One of the highlights from this collection is the Corfu which is made from recycled Gabardine fabric and looks great!

Save the Nature watch strap collection by Morellato

Sport Collection

For those that demand a little more from your watch, there is the Sport Collection. Each and every watch strap in this collection is highly water resistant making them ideal for anyone that wears their watch whilst exercising. Using high-tech materials, Morellato have been able to create a diverse, well performing collection of watch straps. The Cord 2 is a great looking strap, as is the Soccer.

Sport collection of Morellato watch straps

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