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Mesh bracelets have arrived

Mesh bracelets have arrived

Our very first Mesh bracelets are here... as you know, we live and breathe all things horological including straps, buckles, tools and whatever else comes with it. One of the things we have eluded to thus far is mesh bracelets but, after an increase in requests from you all, we have cracked! We know leather or rubber watch straps inside out but with mesh bracelets being new to us, we had to call upon the expertise of Staib and their around 100 years of experience with mesh.

Staib SOC mesh bracelets in polished and black

When we began to build our first mesh bracelet collection with Staib, their suggestion was to start off with a range they brand Staib SOC. This sub collection of theirs combines the quality and attention to detail of their heritage with the efficient manufacturing possibilities of their factory in the Far East. The result is a high quality mesh bracelet at an entry level price that represents great value.

Staib SOC mesh bracelet in polished

Staib S.O.C 2905 mesh bracelet

The first of our mesh bracelet collection is the 2905 - this Milanese mesh bracelet is a tightly pressed stainless steel mesh that it set out to be as comfortable as possible thanks to the tightly linked metal. With the 2905, you get fold over buckle/clasp that adjusts the fitted length of the bracelet when on your watch. Initially available in a polished steel and IP black with 18mm or 20mm width options.

Seiko SKX and Staib black mesh bracelet

Staib S.O.C 2906 mesh bracelet

For the 2906 Milanese bracelet, Staib have created a thicker bracelet than the 2905 which is a bit more resilient. The mesh weave of the 2906 allows your wrist to breather easier and dry off quicker thanks for its ventilation. Coming equipped with the same fastening mechanism as the 2905 and finished in the same colour options but with a choice of 20mm or 22mm width. We would say that the 2906 is suited better to larger watches.

Quick-release mesh bracelet for your watch

Staib S.O.C 2906 Quick-Release mesh bracelet

As the name suggests, the 2906 QR is very similar to the previous model we looked at, the 2906. There are subtle but very notable changes though that make this bracelet stand out... firstly, the addition of quick-release pins to this bracelet which makes changing it over super east. We all know that quick release pins are becoming more popular now and even a standard on Hirsch watch straps but not too often do you see them on Milanese watch bracelets. The second change comes in the form of a different fastening method. With the 2906 QR, you get this uprated buckle that allows the mesh bracelet to feed through it to then grip at exactly the point you want it al. This makes the bracelet incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

Seiko SKX with mesh watch bracelet

We are delighted with the collection that we are beginning to grow from the experts in the field, Staib. It has come at a perfect time too with the popularity of the mesh bracelet on the rise. This rise in popularity might have something to do with the new Omega Seamaster 007 edition or even the inclusion of a mesh bracelet option across other brands like Breitling and Seiko.

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