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Jean Paul Menicucci delivers a super clean trio of new straps

Jean Paul Menicucci

Working closely with Jean Paul, we have put together a trio of straps that bring something fresh to our collection of vintage inspired watch straps. Fast approaching our 6th year of working together, our JPM range has grown steadily and quite reservedly when you consider all of the amazing work that JP does.

JPM Vintage watch straps with tonal stitching on Omega Speedmaster

Our first instalment heavily featured JP's signature vintage cross out stitching watch straps in a range of colours made from either vintage leather or vintage suede. Today we are launching two really clean watch straps that feature a top stitching style that we have used previously on a number of suede and camo suede straps. Coming in two of our most popular colours, Black and the stunning Distressed Brown, these two tonal watch straps have been made to the same sizing specification as the vintage straps that make up most of our JPM strap collection.

Pocket shot and wrist shot of JPM tonal vintage watch straps

The third new release is this natural looking vintage leather watch strap. Taking inspiration from veg tanned leather, this new colour has neatly painted edges and cross-out vintage style stitching in a complementary colour. Pair this watch strap with a vintage diver or chronograph to create a really unique looking combo that not only looks the part but is comfortable too.

JPM Natural leather watch strap with Omega Speedmaster

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