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Damien Hirst collaborates with Swatch

Damien Hirst switch watch


damien hirst switch watch

The first appearance of Mickey Mouse in all time famous "Steamboat willie" happened today 90 years ago and since then the Disney creation has become a pop icon. 
Swatch and Damien Hirst celebrates its birthday by releasing the MIRROR SPOT MICKEY, limited edition in 19.999 signed by the UK artist.


Hirst sign

Damien Hirst is one of the most famous and controversial figure in contemporary art. In 2012, he painted Mickey Mouse commissioned by Disney Co. using the technique of so called "Spot painting", invented by the Hirst himself.


Spot paintings is not like Pointillism: juxtaposition of pure dots of plain colours to create forms and contrasts. Spot paintings is the artist's ability to make the subject of the painting recognisable using the smaller number of dots.


Source: Swatch Group