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Conscientious watch strap manufacture by RIOS1931

Conscientious watch strap manufacture by RIOS1931

Organic watch straps by RIOS1931

Only when every single step of a watch strap's manufacturing process is carefully considered, can it be awarded a bio-seal. Working with their suppliers, RIOS1931 have been able to create a collection of genuinely organic watch straps.

Selection of black, mocha and cognac organic watch straps by Rios1931

We have been RIOS1931 stockists for a little while now and it wasn't until the visit that Andreas Riemer and Guido Statzger paid us, did we know just how serious these guys are about their craft.

Tudor Black Bay with Black organic vintage watch strap fitted to it.

During their visit, they educated us on their company ethos, heritage and vision. It was absolutely fantastic for us to get such an insight to RIOS1931 from the guys at the top.

Selection of luxury watches and organic watch straps by Rios1931

One collection that was shown to us was their certified organic watch straps. We handled the straps and they felt so different to any watch strap that has come before it. There are supple watch straps, and then there is the organic watch strap collection by RIOS1931...

Supple organic watch strap fitted to Breitling Colt

15 styles make up the organic collection by RIOS1931 and they all come in Black, Mocha and Cognac organic leather. We currently have 6 of the 15 models with more to be added soon. What we love is that RIOS1931 haven't used this material exclusively for one style of watch strap, they've gone all out and crafted something for everyone.

RIOS1931 Garmisch and Wilheim


In this post, we take a closer look at 4 of the 6 styles we stock starting with the Garmisch and Wilheim straps. These straps are generously padded with a saddlers seam and come in sizes 18mm, 19mm, 20mm & 22mm.



Because these two styles are generously padded it means they carry some size towards the ends where they are fitted to the watch. This makes the straps ideal for fitting to watches that have pin holes some distance from the watch case. You'll see that the Garmish comes with tonal stitching whilst the Wilheim  has a contrasting ivory stitching.

RIOS1931 Inzell and Mittenwald 


We also have the RIOS1931 Inzell and Mittenwald models that are vintage inspired two stitch watch straps. Both models use the same material as the first two styles that we have spoken about but a completely different style. Much thinner and minimalistic stitching set these straps apart with a choice of contrasting ivory Inzell and tonal stitching on the Mittenwald.



The one piece leather straps have a complementary painted edge in either a tonal or contrasting colour. It finishes the straps off really nicely making them a good choice for a range of vintage and modern timepieces.

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