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Closer Look: Premium One-Piece straps by WatchObsession

Closer Look: Premium One-Piece straps by WatchObsession

It has been a while since we added to our range of Premium One-Piece straps, so we've decided to spoil you with four highly requested styles. We developed the Premium One-Piece in response to the £150 straps that Omega released. Very similar in design and finished but more suitable to a wider variety of watches.

Although their make up is very similar to our standard one-piece, the differences are in the weave. The Premium One-Piece has a much more condensed weave which runs slightly thicker and makes it slightly more comfortable.

Available for the first time in 22mm width which has been requested a lot by you guys. PVD hardware was high up on the request list as well so we had to deliver...

The Blue is one of our favourite colours from the new additions. It sits really well with a black or blue SMP.

Although slightly different, the Premium One-Piece uses the same, super simple attachment as the standard variety.

When fitted, the super soft texture of the Premium One-Piece makes it really comfortable for the offset.

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