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Closer Look: NooMoon LABB innovation is here

Closer Look: NooMoon LABB innovation is here

The NooMoon LABB first caught our attention when it was launched as a KICKSTARTER campaign. There is a lot to be said for being traditional and respecting the heritage of the watch industry but when something as innovative as NooMoon's LABB comes along then you get drawn to its appeal.

As well as looking great, the NooMoon LABB is also very comfortable. This is largely down to the quality of the material used, it is soft and supple whilst being durable. The fastening system of the LABB allows you to micro adjust the length to suit your needs which is a real benefit to those that struggle to find the right length strap.

 The fastening system on this band is easy to do and undo whilst being strong enough to withstand everything thrown at it.

The LABB is currently available in 7 colours and two different fitting options. There is the Apple Watch compatible option which comes with the adapters to suit both 38mm & 42mm Apple Watch's or you can get the LABB in 18mm, 20mm & 22mm with quick release spring bars to suit conventional lugs.

You can fit two different coloured (same size) LABB's to your watch to create a unique multicoloured look.

 To take a closer look at the NooMoon LABB, head over to our collection of NooMoon straps where you will find more details, images and prices.