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Closer Look: KickToc styles a JPM strap for us

JPM strap
jpm strap

For those of you that don't know, KickToc is a watch collector with a fantastic Instagram feed. Doc KickToc shares beautifully taken photos of some really interesting watches on his Instagram account which is definitely worth following (click here). Having been a fan of the feed for some time, we decided to reach out to see if KickToc would like to collaborate.

One of the suggestion for this collaboration would be for KickToc to have #TeamKickToc stamped on to a Jean Paul Menicucci of his design. After some exchanges and a quick visit to Jean Paul, we were decided on a design and direction for the collab.

The final design is based on an existing Tasso JPM strap, but with a few subtle alterations which set it apart from the core offering. The changes came in the form of upgraded dark brown leather keepers and the #teamKickToc on the underside of the straps.

The finished article looks at best on vintage watches but many newer watches can pull it off just as well. Everyone with a Tasso JPM strap will agree that they are super comfortable and get better with age.