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Closer Look: Hirsch Navigator Deployment strap for Breitling

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Hirsch Navigator Deployment Strap

The Navigator is one of many new deployment watch straps from Hirsch. Crafted from the best materials available to bring you a very good alternative to buying a new watch strap directly from Breitling. It comes in a number of options - Calfskin or Genuine Alligator head up the material choices and both can be had in sizes 18mm - 24mm with a few taper choices.

The clasp is easily removed with even the basic spring bar tool but we stand by the Bergeon 6767-f as the tool for the job. All you have to do is stick the pin end of your tool in to the side of the clasp to compress the spring bar and in turn release the clasp from the strap.

The clasp that comes attached to this strap is know as the Hirsch Magic Clasp. It gets its name by being one incredibly universal bit of kit.

The clasp uses a simple fold and snap closing method but remains fully adjustable by clamping the other piece of strap. Its level of adjustability will make it very popular with those that tend to be 'between holes' when wearing watches.

Shown here, the strap can be thread through the clasp to whatever length the wearer desires. As you can see, there are no keepers/loops on this strap because the clasp sends the '6 o'clock' length of strap under the '12 o'clock' length making any keeper or loop redundant.

Designers at Hirsch were thinking of the end user and how they could make adjusting the length as easy as possible. Using this clasp will no doubt prolong the life of the strap whilst making it a pleasure to wear day in day out.

Comfort is high up there on the list when considering a new strap. The Hirsch Navigator's supple lining leather makes this strap a dream to wear.

When securely closed, the strap and clasp look great. Despite this strap being for use with Breitling watches, it is going to make a great partner to almost any Swiss watch with the generous padding and luxury feel.

Replacing the Hirsch Magic Clasp with your Breitling or Breitling style clasp is easy and can be done with the most basic of spring bar tool.

Within minutes you could have your Breitling clasp fitted to the Hirsch Navigator and ready to be mounted to your watch.

Picture perfect - The Navigator and other new Hirsch straps have already proven that they will be up to the job.

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