September 24, 2018 1 min read

We are very excited about this new Hirsch strap. It is the first strap made by Hirsch to consciously think about Vegetarians and Vegans as an end user. The Bark uses Hirsch's Nature Coautchouc to form the breathable lining of the strap. That is then paired with a unique upper made from Eucalyptus fibres that mimic the look of bark.

Tonal stitching is added to the strap for an aesthetically pleasing finish. This is the first Hirsch strap to be released using the latest Hirsch performance technology. For those of you that don't know, Hirsch released a super innovative range of straps back in 2015. The focus was on creating a collection of watch straps that were the next level and could be pushed beyond the limits of a conventional strap. The idea of creating a natural rubber strap that would have a mix material upper attached to it proved to be a success earning Hirsch a Red Dot Design award.

Hirsch have made some changes for the second generation performance rubber lining. You will be able to notice that the surface of the lining is now concave which reduces the contact area on the wrist making the strap more breathable. Another change comes from the size of the block pattern, which has also been done to improve how breathable the strap is.

In summary, the Bark with the new performance lining is a fantastic addition to the Hirsch range. Making a watch strap from Eucalyptus may seem like a crazy idea but it shows Hirsch's commitment to deliver new product that caters for a ever changing market.

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