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Closer look: Hirsch ACCENT Natural Rubber Watch Strap

Closer look: Hirsch ACCENT Natural Rubber Watch Strap

Hirsch Accent

The Hirsch Accent Watch Strap is the best one of all the functional straps in the Austrian based company - maybe of all the high ended rubber straps - and largely appreciated in those years by our customers.

Despite the limited choice in terms of colours and sizes, the Hirsch Accent stands out from other models for its incredible comfort and resistance. The premium natural caoutchouc makes it water-resistant, damage proof and extremely flexible, while the pattern in the upper layer gives the strap a more complicated, smart and 'automative' look.

The straps are slightly curve to reduce moisture and the sticky feeling on the skin. This is what it really makes the difference between Hirsch Accent watch strap and others. The integrated loop keeper ensures the strap to not slip out the loop and it comes with a choice of four different buckles (Silver, Gold, Brushed and Black).

In the end, the Hirsch Accent is a more than valid option for a strap that is practical and elegant at very competitive price.

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