November 08, 2019 2 min read

Row of Di-Modell watch straps in different colours on a desk. Green, brown, blue and black is how they line up.

One of our more recent additions from Di-Modell comes in the form of this, the Polo Sherpa. Available in four different colours and three lug width options, the Polo Sherpa has quickly become a go-to choice for those wanting to give their watch a relaxed look. So far the two most popular colour options are the Black and blue with green and gold brown closely following but there is something really special about this green. You can get the this strap to suit an 18mm, 20mm or 22mm lug width watch.

Polo Sherpa watch strap in green about to be fitted to a Rolex Datejust

You'll notice the pronounced padding and higher than usual sides that give the Polo Sherpa its unique look. The padding and rolled edges make the strap thicker than a traditional watch strap and the thickness remains consistent throughout the length of both pieces of the strap.

Rolex Datejust during a watch strap change with a selection of Di-Modell watch straps

We decided to fit the Polo Sherpa to a Rolex Datejust and although the watch isn't that thick, it still looks and feels great on the wrist. It can be difficult to to dress down the Datejust but the Polo Sherpa does a great job at creating a casual look.

Rolex Datejust on the wrist with Di-Modell Polo Sherpa watch strap in black fitted to it.

As well as looking good, the Polo Sherpa brags some really nice features. It is waterpoof which makes it a great choice for those that wear watches whilst working out or swimming. Another of the neat features is the patented loop anchor, which, you never knew you needed until you try a strap that has one. You'll find it on the underside of the strap and it is a little bit of red fabric that gets threaded through the loose keeper and stitched or anchored back on the strap. It might slightly limit how far the loose keeper can go but it does stop the loop from going beyond the tail end of the strap which would render other loops useless.

Fastened black watch strap and silver buckle being worn with a knitted jumper.

In summary, the Polo Sherpa is ideal to have in your watch and watch strap rotation as it can add a different, dynamic look to almost any watch. Its casual appearance and comfortable features make it a great all rounder with a nice selection of colours to pick from.

All four of the Di-Modell Polo Sherpa watch straps can be seen in more detail here - Di-Modell Polo Sherpa

Green, gold brown, blue and black Polo Sherpa watch strap lengths lined up on a wooden desk.

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