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Closer Look: Cape Cod Polishing Products

Watch pictured on cleaning cloth

"The Best polish ever!"

We hear this a lot when people talk about Cape Cod Polishing products.  It really is one of those products that you have to see, to believe it can be so good.

We have been stocking the Cape Cod products for nearly ten years now.  We have no hesitation in recommending it to our customers because we know how good it is.  

Time and time again people are amazed at how this small soft pink cloth can remove the scratches from their watches and restore the polished shine, or how the spray cleans and lubricates their brushed steel watch bracelets so they look and feel like new again.

What is Cape Cod Polish?

There are a small number of products available in the Cape Cod range. Cloths, sprays and a brush 

Polishing Cloths

The most popular are the polishing cloths.  They are quite small cloths, measuring 4" x 6", but these are a good size when working.  The cloths are pre-soaked in the cleaning material, so there's no mess or adding more solution to the metal when working,  and if only used for small jobs, and re-sealed after use ( we use a small zip-lock bag) so they can be used several times.  The cloths can be used until they disintegrate, and if they do dry out a little we use a little mineral oil to re moisten them  

Obviously we mostly use them to polish the hairline scratches that occur from daily wear on Stainless steel watches, but we have used them just as successfully on gold watches, silver jewellery, and the copper fruit bowl in our office! 

Once polished, the metals retain their polish for a long time, this is especially noticeable on silver which can tarnish quickly if not in regular use.

The cloths can be bought in pairs,Tins of 12, with a buffing cloth and gloves Or for the real clean freaks among us,  Industrial sized tins of 24.  These ones also have extra large cloths of 6" x 12"  as well as the buffing cloths and gloves. 


Cape Cod Clean Link Spray 

We use this spray when cleaning brushed metal watch bracelets.  

Spray it on and leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes then clean it with the horse hair brush to get into all the spaces and finish it off a buffing cloth.  

You will be amazed at what gets caught between the bracelet links and how much of a transformation can be made with a good clean.  (you may want to wear gloves with this one!!) 

The Clean Link can be used on satin and brushed metal surfaces as it will not polish out the surface like the cloth will, it will also lubricate the metal so will keep it looking good as well as  prolong the life of the metal links so your bracelet is moving smoothly.


Cape Cod Horsehair Brush

Get rid of the old toothbrushes! This horsehair brush is soft enough to use on your detailed metal objects, your watch bracelets and jewellery.  

When used with the spray the horsehair brush can gently but effectively clean in all the nooks and crannies. 


Cape Cod Buffing Cloth 

A washable and reusable cloth that removes all of the solution from the object you are cleaning.  In order to keep the benefits of cleaning with their cloths and spray,  Cape Cod recommend not rinsing the freshly polished items in water but buffing them clean.  This prolongs the life of the polish and keeps the lubricating finish on the metal so keeping the objects looking great for longer.


The Proof that it works.

The proof is in the pudding so they say, so I decided to show you how well Cape Cod products work by demonstrating on my own watch.  This Omega is about a year old and I wear it every day.  You can easily see from the photos how the clasp has been scratched from being worn.  Using a combination of the Cape Cod products I will now transform this much loved but knocked about watch.   

Here is the before.  

The photos are completely untouched and just taken with my phone (as you can probably tell!)

And here is the after.  This took approximately 10 minutes polishing and cleaning. You can see it has removed most of the scratched surface as well as the brushed finish, which I will correct shortly with a light brushing from a stainless steel scratch pad.

Once again these photos have no enhancements, just shown as they were taken.



I also re-polished a small copper and brass bowl i found in a cupboard to show how well it works on other metal too. 

Before...pretty grim

and after.... This is the result after a short polish, but with a bit of perseverance all those marks you see would disappear.