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Clean and simple watch strap - The Hirsch Toronto

Clean and simple watch strap - The Hirsch Toronto

Simplicity is key - Well, it is in the case of the Hirsch Toronto which is one of the new watch straps for 2020 by the Austrian strap makers, Hirsch. It serves as a replacement to the now discontinued Diamond Calf, Italocalf and Calf models which were all essentially very similar styles. Amalgamating all of these models in to one means the Toronto has one of the most comprehensive spread of sizes, lengths and colours in the entire Hirsch watch strap range.

Holding a vintage watch with Hirsch Toronto fitted to it

Some watches suit a clean strap and they don't come much cleaner than the Hirsch Toronto. Each strap can be fitted to your watch with ease since they all come with pre fitted quick-release spring bars. For those of you that don't know, quick-release spring bars are like traditional spring bars but with an extra bit that it exposed on the underside of the strap to allow the spring bar to be compressed without the need for a spring bar tool.

Watch strap changing using the new Hirsch Quick Release spring bars

 With one of the widest variety of widths and lengths, the Hirsch Toronto is a strap you could expect to be fitted to almost anything from a small ladies watch all the way up to a large fashion watch. You can have the Toronto in a 6mm width or a 30mm width, that is the range we are talking about here. That variety also applies to the length options, Short, Medium, Long and Extra Long are all options that some of the Hirsch Toronto colours are available in. It is the first time we have seen the Short length in a Hirsch catalogue in many years.

Each Toronto comes with the Hirsch HSL buckle which can easily be switched out should you prefer to use your own buckle. Despite us saying that the strap is clean and simple, there is a very, very slight grain. Just enough to texture it without it being too noticeable.

Mixture of Hirsch Toronto watch straps

As for colours, you can get the Hirsch Toronto the standard Black and Brown which is where you will find most of the available width and length combinations. Black and Brown being staple colours in almost any watch strap style so in addition to what you'd expect, there are a few interesting colours. The Grey and Blue variations are good options for that person who wants a classic style but with a little twist. We especially like the Grey since grey straps are rather on trend at the moment.

Apple watch and Hirsch Toronto watch straps

The Red option is a stand out strap that looks the part when fitted to the right watch. There is the Berry, Beige and White colours that are suited more for ladies watches but could look equally as good on a gents timepiece. Berry and Beige complement each other really well and would make a good rotation.

Hirsch Toronto in grey on the wrist with Brixton sweater

As you would expect from a Hirsch strap, it is comfortable on the wrist and wears really nicely. One of these straps works really well on a watch that have a bit more going on than normal. Take this Oris for instance, the clean and simple strap complements the stone, vivid orange and red in the dial.

The full Hirsch Toronto range of watch straps in now available at WatchObsession.

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