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Citrus & Thyme - A Welsh Dry Gin by WatchObsession

Citrus & Thyme - A Welsh Dry Gin by WatchObsession

Earlier this year we went down to Cardigan to see 'In The Welsh Wind' for a Gin Making Experience.  We had a few excellent G&T's then set about creating our own Gin recipe to distill and take away.  The idea was that you choose one of 4 base recipes then add your own additional botanicals.

In the Welsh Wind distillery entrance

Welsh Gin making at In The Welsh Wind, Cardigan

Our plan was to create a Gin that we could give away to suppliers at Christmas whilst also supplementing our own Gin addiction. So.. after extensive taste testing we decided that our  additional ingredients were some amazing Amalfi Lemon peel and Thyme (obviously!)

Gin bottle getting wax top added to it at In The Welsh Wind

In The Welsh Wind distillery production line with Tenby Gin bottles

So, skip forward a few months and the 'WatchObsession' Gin was bottled, labelled and ready for collection.

WatchObsession's festive gin being labelled up

Citrus & Thyme Gin being labelled

Since our visit in February, 'In The Welsh Wind' had moved their Gin lab from Ellen and Alex's family farm to the most fantastic location on the A487 coastal road in Tanygroes.  It is the perfect spot as this former pub gives them loads more space to develop their rapidly growing business.

In The Welsh Wind distillery function space

People at work In The Welsh Wind gin distillery

The building has received a massive makeover and Alex and Ellen have maintained the charm that was present in their previous location, only this time they have a lot more shiny copper stills.

Copper Stills at In The Welsh Wind gin distillery Cardigan

Temporary storage for gin during the gin making process

We are really please with our WatchObsession Gin.  The whole experience has been fantastic

WatchObsession's gin boxed up and ready to leave In The Welsh Wind

Range Rover Velar at In The Welsh Win distillery, Cardigan

If you are interested in a visit to West Wales at all and have an interest in Gin we cannot recommend this place highly enough.  They are such a great bunch of people, full of enthusiasm and passion about what they do, and the Gin is fantastic.  My only recommendation is to either book a taxi or nominate a designated driver because you won't be driving afterwards!

WatchObsession's Citrus & Thyme gin from In The Welsh Wind