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Change Hirsch watch straps easily with a quick-release system

Change Hirsch watch straps easily with a quick-release system

We have spoken about the new Hirsch Quick Release spring bar system a fair bit since its introduction at the beginning of the year but we haven't looked that closely at it. In this post we hope to show you what it means when added to a classic watch strap like the Osiris. Firstly... what even is a QR spring bar?

What are quick-release spring bars?

Quick-release spring bars, or Capsa spring bars are very much like a normal spring bar but they have a small ergonomic attachment located towards the end of the bar to allow the watch strap to be changed without needing a spring bar tool. When a strap maker uses these spring bars, they need to punch a small hole to allow for part of the spring bar to be accessible by the wearer.

Hirsch Osiris selection in a strap tray and Omega Dynamic Chronograph

How do you change a quick-release watch strap?

You can change a quick-release watch strap over with just your hands. The technique takes a little bit of practice but you start by laying the watch face down on a soft, flat surface. What you do then is locate one side of the strap in to the hole on your lugs and with your fingernail, you latch on to the attachment at the other end of the spring bar and push it back towards the end you just located whilst simultaneously locating the other end of the strap in to the opposite side of the watch.

How to fit a quick-release Hirsch watch strap

Introduced at the beginning of 2020, Hirsch began fitting this quick-release system to all of their new watch straps. Today, 99% of our Hirsch stock has the quick-release spring bars fitted to them with only a few straps in stock yet to get the treatment.

The Hirsch Osiris is a classic looking watch strap which we have had in our range for a long time. It is lightly padded and comes in a good range of widths, lengths and colours including the very popular nubuck effect styles. Now that this model comes with quick-release spring bars, you can have a selection of colours and easily switch between then depending on what colour suits you best.

Hirsch Osiris range of watch straps being changed using quick-release

The Osiris sits at the more affordable end of the Hirsch collection but don't be fooled by the price tag, this strap is made with precision using quality materials. It is one of the best, basic watch straps available on the market today. Made even better by the addition of quick-release.

It is worth mentioning for the purists out there that would prefer a traditional spring bar... these quick-release spring bars are removable and can be replaced with normal spring bars.

Brown suede watch strap from Hirsch

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