December 05, 2018 2 min read

The last 5 years has seen a tremendous amount of change in the watch industry. Smart watches opened up the world of wrist wear to millions of people who might not have been interested in a traditional watch. That introduction has seen some traditional watch manufacturers get involved with the tech, whilst others have kept true to their heritage despite the apparent 'threat' from the smart watch tech.

It is incredibly difficult to stand out in this modern world with so much noise going on around us. Despite that, since 2009 QLOCKTWO have been designing, manufacturing and developing a brand that has one of the most intriguing collections.

QLOCKTWO have managed to blend art, design and function perfectly across four different styles. Each style is available in an abundance of combinations that include some interesting metal finishes

The clocks and watches literally spell the time out for you with a small minute marker found in each of the corners so yes, the time is accurate to within a minute. English is not the only display language for the clock collection, it is actually available in over 20 languages.

The unique way of displaying the time was first applied to clocks and today you are able to get this awesome time telling method on wall and desktop clocks ranging from 13.5cm² to 182cm².

QLOCKTWO were able to recreate all of the design appeal of their super popular clocks in to a watch. Available in 20 different languages, many colour options over two different sizes, 35mm or 39mm. In 2018, QLOCKTWO were given a super prestigious reddot design award. More details on that can be found HERE.

As an official stockist, WatchObsession works closely with the brand to bring you the most desirable QLOCKTWO products. You can shop our collection of QLOCKTWO HERE or Contact Us for more information.

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