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A watch for Musicians

A watch for Musicians

The market for wearable technologies is booming "with 85 million units expected to be sold in 2019" and many of them take the form of wristwatches.

Apple Watch is the most common wearable tech device, or at least the first one that pop up in everybody's mind. However, the device I am going to describe you is for all the musicians in the watch community: Soundbrenner Pulse.

Soundbrenner guitar wrist

Soundbrenner ltd. launched this product in 2016, this watch is a sophisticated wearable metronome. The main component is an Eccentric Rotating Mass vibration motor, the same for vibration mode inside smart phones and console controllers but much, much powerful.

The tempo setting is done by simple double-tapping the touch screen and can the glowing wheel around the edge can be used for little adjustment.

Soundbrenner Drummer

That's not all, the Soundbrenner Pulse pairs with smart phone via Blue-tooth so the user or more than one can set extra features such as intensity of vibration, offbeat mode and tempo playlist.

The advantages of the Soundbrenner Pulse is that it becomes more fluid to follow a buzz in your wrist than on-hearing click and that an entire band can keeps the exactly same time.

Soundbrenner and app

Many artists have become ambassadors, one of them is Jordan Rudess, pianists of legendary band Dream Theater.

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