Scratch Pad and Pen Guide

In this guide we will show you how to use the Scratch Pad's and Pen's that we sell. It is a very simple procedure which can seem very intimidating for someone who has not done anything like this before. Perfecting the technique with these tools will leave you with a Brushed finish that you are very happy with. Like most things, practice makes perfect so we would suggest practising on a steel bracelet or something which you are not too fussed about scratching brushed lines in to.
What you may need
Scratch Pen (2mm)
Scratch Pen (4mm)
Scratch Pad
For this example, we have used a Bell & Ross Buckle that has picked up a few scratches that go a different direction to the factory Brushed finish.
You can use either one of the three tools to re finish your watch, buckle or bracelet. We would suggest using the pad for larger areas that need refinishing as it creates a even brushed finish. The pens are a more accurate way of touching up your watch as they are useful for getting refinishing smaller areas which you cannot get to with the pad. It is very easy to achieve a good finish. Simple stroke the pen's or pad's along the metal in straight lines and in the same direction as the existing brushed finish. We would suggest starting off gently then once you are happy with the direction of the lines that the tools are creating then apply a little more pressure. Here are a few images of how we used the Pen's and Pad to get rid of the scratches on the buckle...
As you can see, the finished article looks almost brand new.

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