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Strap Sizing Guide

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This post will show you three very simple ways of measuring the lug width on your watch. Normally it is the lug width which will determined the width of the strap needed for your watch.


You can simply hold a ruler up against the watch and measure the gap as shown in the image above. This watch has a lug width of 2cm or more commonly referred to in mm. So in this case, you will need a 20mm width watch strap.

Digital Callipers

If you have some digital callipers then they are a great tool to use. They will accurately measure the gap between the lugs. This is the most accurate form of measurement out of the three we have suggested.

WatchObsession Lug and Strap measuring tool

We offer a tool which comes in handy frequently. As you can see here you can use the tool to measure the lug width. You can also use this tool to measure a strap by feeding the strap through the allocated gap. It is a very quick and effective tool.