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Candide Thovex

French Skiier and film maker Candide Thovex has brought us a new video in the form of an Audi advert. With a mixture of GoPro and cinematic camera shots Thovex shows off his skills by skiing down some slopes in the Megève region of France. Impressivley during the video he never once skiis on snow, shooting down grass slopes, past farms and through feilds, sparks can even be seen at one point, this all helps reaffirm Audi's tagline: #quattro, All conditions are perfect
In contrast to the quattro video check out One of those days 2, another of Thovex's videos that shows his journey down a snowy mountain in his point of view. He shows off his skills jumping over cliffs, other skiers and even through a pub, just another day for Candide Thovex.
We think Thovex is a great filmmaker and and exceptional skier and will be watching more of his videos soon.

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