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Unseen Art: Experiencing art for the first time

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"Many people around the world have heard of many classical artworks but never been able to see them.  Very few in the world have ever touched any of them." Unseen Art
Unseen Art is a community from Helsinki, Finland. They have two missions; to bring art to those who can never seen art and to allow those who have always wanted to touch art to do so. To do this they are using 3D scanning and printing technologies to bring famous paintings to life in the form of 3D models.
With an emphasis on the blind and visually impaired Unseen arts hope to push this concept worldwide by allowing people to print their own 3D models. If you are interested in the idea you can contribute to their Indiegogo appeal, $30 will get you a touchable Mona Lisa face.
We think this is a very interesting concept and hope they reach their goal, but with not long left they need all the support they can get.
To read more and contribute to the Unseen Art project head to their Indiegogo page.