Rudy Mancinas and his colourful Porsche collection

December 21, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

Rudy Mancinas, a man from Texas has ambitiously set himself the goal to own every colour of Porsche from the 964/993 generations. Where as most classic car collectors ike their models to be as true to the orignial as possible rudy adds his own personal touch of modification in a proccess that leaves the cars in a state that has been dubbed rudyfied.
His obssesion with porsche collecting started when he bought his wife a Porsche 356 as a surprise christmas present. This is when he fell in love and bought his own first Porsche, a Speed Yellow C4S. 
Now owning a massive selection of 26 Porsches in different colours he states that his favourite colour is Riviera blue (he hunted for 4 years for a model in this colour) and his favourite car is always the newest one he owns.
When asked where he finds these cars, he replied "I don't [...], They find me".
See the rest of his story below and why he thinks all Porsches should be "Driven like they're stolen".


Image Source: Toscanos
Video source: eGarage

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David Buckden
David Buckden

May 10, 2016

Congratulations to Rudy! Fantastic collection and so nicely displayed. Nowadays the 964s/993s are practical and provide the purity of the experience – surely a 911 HAS to be air-cooled!

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