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At a press conference held at OMEGA’s HQ in Biel, Switzerland, the world’s first Master Chronometer has been announced. This is not only a momentous occasion for the brand, it also sets a new standard for the entire watchmaking industry.
In 2014, OMEGA and the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) announced their collaboration on a new watch certification, whereby precision and performance would be tested and approved like never before. A year on, and the entire process is now fully active, the Globemaster has officially become the first watch to achieve the “Master Chronometer” rating.
 Nick Hayek opened the press conference describing the importance of the new certification.
“We all know about the importance of beautiful products, history and innovation. But one other thing is so important. That’s trust. Trust for our consumers. By working with an independent organisation such as METAS, we can be transparent for the consumer, and reconfirm that the Swiss watch industry is the leader in precision and innovation.”
Dr Bock explained the importance of METAS' role and reiterated the message of trust.
“Trust is the core of our business at METAS. We are a government agency, the leading centre for all measurements in Switzerland. And above all, we are consumer and client driven. That’s why it was important to ensure that this new standard for mechanical watches is open to every brand.”
The new METAS testing will double the certification of each watch, giving OMEGA and  the opportunity to demonstrate the quality and timekeeping performance of their watches to a greater extent than has previously been possible. Each watch goes through a series of 8 tests, testing a range of criteria that replicate real-life wearing conditions, including exposure to magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss.

After explaining each individual test, Mr Hobmeier proudly displayed the world’s first Master Chronometer, the Globemaster.




“Trust is something you can only gain if you walk the talk. Our team has been working very hard with METAS to perfect the details. It is an honour to present the first watch that has passed these tests.”


Having achieved this milestone, OMEGA has signalled the future of the brand. As a renowned watchmaking pioneer, this occasion will certainly rank as one of its most defining moments.


Image source: OMEGA